Super Sponsor Saturday: A Pantheon of Ducks and Knights

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New Splash!

From the Duck:

Purple Duck Games is getting ready to launch our second line of supplements for DCC, our Purple Mountain IV just came out, and our 40% off Pathfinder compatible products deal is still going on at RPGNow. On the 4WFG side of things, Player’s Options: Half-Orcs should be out next week (Part of the Paths of Power II subscription), and more Deus ex Historica should be rolling out soon. 


From the Knights of the Night Actual Play Podcast:

KotN just finished another chapter of our World of Darkness adventure. We’re doing a listener questions and feedback episode, and then we are going to play Dungeon World. This will be followed by a return to our Dresden world campaign.


The second printing of Fortune’s Fool by chronicle city is now in stores! Also available on chronicle city’s website www.chroniclecity.com.

Check into all of my sponsors. They’re awesome. Just look to the right side of the home page.

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