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In this episode of Super Excite Game’s side project, tentatively called Jojocast, we are discussing the first volume of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure! We dig right into the origins of a story that spans several generations, bloodlines, even realities! The first volume of the story starts when a vagrant named Dario Brando comes across the scene of an accident, the sole survivors being George Joestar and his son, Jonathan. This sets off a chain of events that sets Dario’s son, Dio, headlong into Jonathan’s destined path. They don’t know just how important first impressions can be!

In two weeks we will be talking about volume 2, so read up and talk to you then!

PS: Yes, Jessica’s mic sounds pretty bad. We’re working on getting her a better one! 


Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction and corrections

01:43 Discussion on Volume 1

50:51 Our highlights

53:30 Famous lines

55:13 Onomatopoeia/”Giongitaigo”: Dododododododo/Gogogogogogo~

57:40 Endgame


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