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I am so lucky to have such cool people watching my back here in the cement block Hobbit hole. Please take a second to check out what some of my sponsors are up to. 

Straight from the sponsors’ mouths:

Awesomeness Number One:

“From now until December 2, get 20% off your order at Precis Intermedia (www.pigames.netby entering coupon code P9VHUTRGGG at checkout. One use per customer, excludes third-party titles.”

Awesomeness Number Two: 

The Knights of the Night Actual Play Podcast is in the middle of a Numenera campaign. The campaign will last at least 6 to 10 more episodes. Once this adventure is over, the podcast will return to  the  Dresden File RPG universe. The Dresden characters were last seen during a huge climactic battle in which they defeated their enemy, but in doing so may have made things much, much worse..” 

Awesomeness Number Three:

“Modiphius is about to kick off the playtesting for DUST Adventures, the roleplaying game based on Paolo Parente’s DUST universe so sign up here soldier!”

Awesomeness Number Four:

Magpie Games is hard at work on Eternity, Wicked Fate, Epyllion, and more! Please visit for free downloads of beta rules for our new materials, and keep an eye out for work from Magpie Games’ Mark Diaz Truman in the Fate System Toolkit, Do: Fate of the Flying Temple, and Firefly. Thank you for your support!” 

Straight through the diastema:

Awesomeness Number Five:

Postworld Games is rocking another successful Kickstarter in the form of the Protocol Game Series: 15 Thematic Story/Roleplaying Games. As of this typing, the campaign is at 2000+ bucks and was shooting for only 500.  

Awesomeness Number Six:

Three sponsors have fired up cool Patreon campaigns: Nathan Paoletta of NDP Design, Tracy Barnett of Sand and Steam Productions, and Paul Stefko of Nothing Ventured Games. I love this new crowdsourcing/patron model. I am backing several.

 Check out all of the sponsor sites on the right column of this blog. 


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