Finally, Something Bizarre from North Korea

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North Korea just hasn’t been the same without Dear Leader. There have been so few bizarre pronouncements since Kim Jong-il died, it’s been really boring for me. Nothing to make fun of, except that fake rocket press conference thing. >sad face< But he is slowly growing his own library of pictures of himself looking at […]

I'm making a game (two games, actually)!

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If you listened to the last podcast, you’ll remember my hackneyed ‘announcement’ about Death Frenzy, the chambara card-based RPG I’m working on. Well, here’s a link to the game’s development site where I’ll be posting updates and details as the game progresses. You’ll also find details of the other game design project I’ve got on […]

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il visits the newly built Seojung middle school at Rakwon county

North Korea Tweets

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Our favorite despotic dictatorship, North Korea, is now on Twitter. I’m not sure how North Korea plans to use it’s newly found communicative ability, but I can’t wait to hit the ‘Follow’ button. I bet all kinds of crazy Tweets are in our future – except I don’t read Korean, so that might be a […]


Thai manhunt underway for killer kickboxer

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Thai authorites are on the lookout for Lee Aldhouse, a British professional kickboxer who knifed an American tourist to death one week ago.  Aldhouse, who seems to have quite the reputation as a violent douchebag, provoked a fight with 23-year-old ex-Marine Dashawn Longfellow at a Phuket bar before following Longfellow back to his hotel and […]


Goodbye, Jin and Sun…

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If you have friends who watch Lost, you’re probably really tired of hearing them drone on endlessly about every twist and turn the covoluted plot takes and how ‘deep’ the show is. I am, to some degree, one of those friends. I’m probably not quite as bad as the example I just gave; I keep […]


Happy ‘Balloon Bomb’ day!

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As I’m sure everyone knows, today marks the 65th anniversary of Japan’s only successful attack on the mainland U.S., an incident which claimed 6 lives in the woods outside Bly, Oregon. Over the course of one year, Japan launched 9,000 incindiary ‘balloon-bombs’ from the island of Honshu in the hopes that the American West Coast […]

RIP Alex Chilton 1950 – 2010

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Goddamn it – I just found out that Alex Chilton died. It’s probably more appropriate to post a video of Chilton’s own work, but for some reason it seems proper to send the guy out courtesy of The Replacements. Our younger readers will probably only be familiar with Chilton from the song ‘Through The Street’ […]

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James Cameron moving ahead on film adaptation of discredited A-Bomb book

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James Cameron still plans to film an adaptation of  Charles Pellegrino’s not-quite published Hiroshima tome Last Train from Hiroshima despite allegations that Pellegrino manufactured several of the accounts contained in the narrative. Of course, this brings to mind the wholesale fabrication of James Frey’s ‘memoir’ A Million Little Pieces (and the subsequent duping of Oprah […]