More talk about questionable videogames – Homefront Edition

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While not the most stellar gaming experience I’ve ever had, it’s competent at most of the stuff that matters – except for all the time you spend waiting for other people to open doors so you can proceed. That stuff is lame beyond belief. It’s too bad all the drama behind the scenes and closure of Kaos detracted from what is otherwise a decent if uninspired shooter. Then again, I paid less than $2 for it. If I had paid $60 I might be a bit more inclined to agree with those who say all that drama is why Homefront is a middling piece of shovelware. Perception is a funny thing that way.

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Homefront was met with mixed to positive reviews across all platforms. Some critics praised the atmosphere and story, while others panned those same aspects, along with the short length of the single-…


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  • Casey Garske


    I remember reading about the storyline when it came out. I don't think I could suspend my disbelief enough to play it. If they wanted a Red Dawn game, they should have just made Red Dawn.

    Strangely, aren't the bad guys in the new Red Dawn movie North Korean?


  • Alex Mayo


    This is very much the same idea as the new Red Dawn. The game does a decent job of selling it – it's still ludicrous, but it doesn't feel ludicrous while you're popping domes.


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