Feed Your Gaming Addiction with Erisian: Deep Discounts from a Ruthless F(r)iend

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     Erisian Entertainment is a company with a huge sense of humor, a boatload of passion, and a heart full of DIY spirit. It has also been great friends of this Ruthless venture from the very beginning. And, as if these qualities are not enough (and they are), Erisian Entertainment is offering deep discounts on several sweet products when you buy them from this Ruthless portal. Show these guys some love; they have shown much of it to Ruthless Dee.

Lady’s Rock               Normally 14.95  Discount Price 8.00
It is a realm born of chaos and crafted by the whims of a
fickle and capricious deity…
It is a world where land masses float through the aether,
held in place by the whims of the Lady…
It is a land brimming with magic where great sailing ships
ply the aethereal trade lanes held aloft by arcane spells…Welcome to…The Lady’s Rock

Rooks’ Haven             Normally 12.95  Discount Price 7.00
Rooks’ Haven is the first campaign supplement for the Lady’s Rock.
Codex of Creatures Normally 9.95    Discount Price 5.00
The Codex contains more than 400 monsters from myth, legend, and our
twisted imaginations for you to plague your players as they journey through
the Lady’s Rock seeking fame and fortune.
Plying the Aether    Normally 11.45  Discount Price 6.00
Plying the aether provides you with everything you need in order to explore
this realm of the unknown.  Wealth and danger await you beneath the wave…
and on them.
Under the Rose        Normally 9.95    Discount Price 5.00
In this book you will find all that we know about those secretive groups that
exist in the strange world found…UNDER THE ROSE

These novels are normally 2.50 each, but thanks to EE they are free if you get them from here.

Note: Some of this material may or may not be appropriate for your school gaming group, but if you are running the game, that’s a non-issue. You can PG it out easily where it seems necessary. I have successfully PGed more than one game, including such awesome ones as Fiasco and 3:16.

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Pete Figtree

Pete Figtree


I am a father, a teacher, and a gamer. I believe that games can give us some keen insights into our lives, and I know that they can encourage and foster friendships and community.

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  • Terry Cousain


    I have learned some significant things through your site post. One other thing I would like to mention is that there are several games in the marketplace designed mainly for toddler age youngsters. They include pattern identification, colors, dogs, and shapes. These normally focus on familiarization in lieu of memorization. This helps to keep little ones occupied without having a sensation like they are learning. Thanks


    • Pete


      Thanks for the tip. Much appreciation.


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