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David Berg: Learning and Discovery in Long Campaigns

Written by Pete Figtree on . Posted in Ruthless Videos

This turned out to be part one. 
We had connectivity problems throughout, but the info is good. I may get around to editing it, but that would be a first for the Hangouts.
Here is the time/problem breakdown to help you skip the trouble spots.
00:00-11:34 all good
11:34-11:56 connection lost
11:56-12:19 talk about glitch
12:19-13:11 KristaCon
13:11-15:56 connection lost
15:56-16:23 me trying to get re-situated
16:23-51:46 all good
51:46-52:17 connection lost
52:17-52:31 talk about glitch
52:31-53:05 all good
53:05-54:51 attempt to start topic defeated by glitches
54:51-55:35 connection lost, ending

Thanks for the breakdown, David.

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Pete Figtree

Pete Figtree

I am a father, a teacher, and a gamer. I believe that games can give us some keen insights into our lives, and I know that they can encourage and foster friendships and community. Ruthless Diastema: Loading the Dice for a Meaningful Life
Pete Figtree

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