AnaKhouri Presents: The Top 10 Mullets of Anime

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So the other day I was in your typical big box store, when I saw something not so typical- not around here at least.

A mullet.

And not just any mullet. It was an Asian guy with the most splendid, flowing, fantastic mullet I have ever laid my eyes upon. It was shiny and fell to his waist like a silky black hair waterfall. I was transfixed by this sight, as was everyone else in the Garden Center. We gaped as he passed among us like a wraith, casting his eyes neither left or right, but with his gaze fixed upon some magnificent mullet-y vision that was invisible to our mortal eyes.

This encounter got me thinking. Back in the olden times (the 1980’s-early ’90’s), mullets were as common as fleas on a dog that doesn’t have one of those special flea-killing collars. These days, I hardly see them anywhere- not even in the place you’d expect to see them, like the eastern part of my home state. Mullets are old and busted.

Except in one special place. Mullets have survived- no, thrived- in anime long past their expiration date in American barber shops. In light of this realization, I present to you the Top Ten Anime Characters Who Are Business in the Front and Party in the Back.


  1. Keith (Voltron)


Apparently having a mullet makes chicks swoon unconscious into your arms.



  1. Kyala (Highlander: The Search for Vengeance)



Look, a chick with a mullet! I am told this is called a ‘femullet’. Look, the swooning-chick thing works even if you are a chick! Or maybe she just kicked her in the stomach.


  1. Tsume (Wolf’s Rain)

kiba tsume

Is this a mullet, or does it just qualify as a rattail? I’m going to say mullet + rattail. And look, guys are totally impressed if you can pull off both!


  1. Michael Lee (Witch Hunter Robin)


Witch Hunter Robin Michael Lee Character Pic

Every picture I can find of this guy is angled just right to show off dat mullet.



  1. Folken (Vision of Escaflowne)



If more than one chick swoons at the sight of your magnificent mullet, you might have to just let them fall into your lap. Chicks are heavier than they look.


  1. Hikaru (Magic Knights Rayearth)



This is another “mullet or rattail?” character. But look, when it’s not tightly braided, so it looks more like a mullet. I’m going with mullet.


  1. Nakago (Fushigi Yuugi)



The show’s villain discovers that chicks swoon over mullets. Or maybe it’s that insane helmet.


  1. Hakkai (Saiyuki)



Hakkai doesn’t technically have a mullet. He has a reverse mullet: super short in the back, long in the front. I’m giving this one to Hakkai for not being afraid to party in the front. And eat massive amounts of whipped cream.



  1. Togusa (Ghost in the Shell)



Togusa has the most consistent mullet in all of anime. It was there in the manga, in the movies, and in the anime series. And now, with the advent of the trailer for Ghost in the Shell: Arise prequel, we can also see that he has ALWAYS had the mullet. He was probably born with it. Maybe he can’t even cut it or he will lose his awesome detective powers.


  1. Fist of the North Star



While it’s arguable whether Kenshiro’s hairstyle is actually a mullet, or more like the Beatles’ back in the day (over the collar), Fist of the North Star wins for having the single largest collection of mullets on other characters. Well, the swooning chicks have already established the mullets are without a doubt the most manly haircut ever, so it makes sense that the most manly anime ever would be populated with mulleteers.



Party on, my friends (in the back, of course)!

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  • Steph


    This was most excellent! Also, I will have to incorporate “mulleteers” into my vocabulary.


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