G&G Gamecast – That is not dead which can interview Rafael Chandler

So it turns out that the stars came right last week, so of course we interviewed Rafael Chandler, who has a Kickstarter going on or something! In addition to talking about the most incredible and terrifying tome of vile beasts yet compiled, we talked about the following: The affect of Kickstarter on the RPG hobby, […]…

Super Excite Game: Ryuutama!

Andy and I have been pretty busy behind the scenes here, and somehow this episode got lost in the ether for a whole week. Sorry!!The big news is that the Kickstarter for the translation of Ryuutama has gone live! You can find it here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diamondsutra/ryuutama-natural-fantasy-role-playing-gameIn this episode we talk about the first “milestone” after blowing past […]…

SEG: Jojocast Volume 002

We’re finally back with the second volume of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure! Crazy-fingered vampires, devastating revelations, and fiery battles make this a stunning conclusion to the world famous manga! ..or maybe just a great introduction to the rest of the story?Anyway, volume 3 in two weeks! Train your hamon and join us again then!Time things:00:00 Introduction […]…

Super Excite Game 005: More Saikoro Fiction and Andy’s Trip to the Kansai Region

We are continuing our coverage of the Adventure Planning Service’s series of games in the Saikoro Fiction line with news of two new horror games and a review of Magika Logia. Andy then talks about his trip to the Kansai region of Japan and all the places you need to see! Show Notes:Multigenre Horror RPG InsaneReality […]…

30 Days of Hellraiser: Hellraiser

I’ll say it out front. Hellraiser lives up to its reputation. It also holds up very well, something which can’t be said for a ton of mid-80’s horror films. Clive Barker’s psychosexually violent tale of lust, sadomasochism, and infidelity is as effective in today’s torture-porn saturated landscape as it was upon its release in 1987 […]…

SEG: Jojocast Volume 1

In this episode of Super Excite Game’s side project, tentatively called Jojocast, we are discussing the first volume of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure! We dig right into the origins of a story that spans several generations, bloodlines, even realities! The first volume of the story starts when a vagrant named Dario Brando comes across the scene […]…

G&G Webcomic Pick: Necropolis

The internet has been drooling over Jake Wyatt’s Necropolis since before it was even launched at the end of last month, and for very good reason.   Wyatt has done some noteworthy art in the past, but I think it was the teaser pages for Necropolis –released over the course of a few months– that […]…

Theory From The Closet 069: Interview with Epidiah Ravachol

This is an interview I did with Epidiah Ravchol about his project Words without Master, and the Patreon campaign that supports the project. On the way we discuss all kinds of other things like nano games, finally getting mom to understand, and how the world has less no’s in it now. This was super easy on […]…

In Praise of Three K(w)ickstarters

Written by Pete Figtree on . Posted in My Posts

Just because a Kickstarter reward is delivered quickly doesn’t make it good. But when it IS good AND delivered quickly–BOOM!–it deserves some recognition. I want to compliment three such recent campaigns.Feed, The Vampire Mythos RPG by Kris Newton: Funded on November 17/Available for download the following dayProtocol Game Series by Post World Games: Funded on […]


R.I.P. Run Run Shaw

Written by AnaKhouri on . Posted in Film, Moving Pictures

Just what it says on the box: legendary producer (with his brother, of course) Run Run Shaw has died at the impressive age of 106.For decades the Shaw Brothers were a force to be reckoned with in the world of cheap & popular Hong Kong cinema. This filmography will show you exactly how prolific and […]


More Holiday Gaming: Choose One! by Looney Labs

Written by Pete Figtree on . Posted in My Posts

 Sometimes visiting relatives during the holidays can result in gaming withdrawal. I have some relatives who would rather bathe in acid than play a game with any complexity exceeding leap frog. And, that’s cool. Being a good human being, living a good life can be experienced without rolling even one die over a lifetime of years…I […]

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